Justin "Curtis" Kirk

Justin "Curtis" Kirk, from Tyler Texas, invented The Music Mate® Electronic Coaster when he was attending World College in Virginia Beach, Virginia, while aquiring his degree in Electronics Engineering. 

As the CEO of PlayMate Enterprise Justin "Curtis" Kirk founded PlayMate Enterprise in 2014 on the principle of Manufacturing electronic products in the U.S.A. and to have his invention The Music Mate® be an electronic product that has from its inception been a product "Engineered" "Designed" and most importantly "Manufactured" in America, for him it isn't good enough to just "design" or "engineer" electronics in America, it's an industry that must be re-born in America to include "Design", "Engineering" and most importantly "Manufacturing"

In his persevering struggle to manufacture The Music Mate® in America he realized that access to the advanced systems of manufacturing modern electronics wasn't within his local area he found he would have to aquire the equipment required to manufacture The Music Mate® Electronic Coaster at PlayMate Enterprise and would make available the service of electronics manufacturing to the aspiring electronics designers that would need access to modern manufacturing facilities if they are to produce in any real quantity their "utilizations" and "designs".

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