Multiple PCB Assembly Options

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      Project Design &                  Consultation

Need assistance navigating the complexity of modern electronics design? We can complete your project our skilled Engineers are prepared to define your design.

Your Success is our Goal.

Voltera Rapid Prototype           PCB Printing

Perfect for rapid development electronic PCB printing offers maximum PCB ability rapidly from rigid to flex PCB.

Your Success is our Goal.

Automated Pick & Place

Ready for a higher quantity build count? We're ready to complete your order with our in house automated pick and place complete production abilities .

Your Success is our Goal.

Design Software

Ready to work on your design yourself, but don't know how you'll get the software needed to create the modern file types required for production? Here are some software tools to get you started.

*Free download with subscription to Autodesk Fusion360, ETex PCB Assembly is not associated with Autodesk, Link provided as resource only*

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