The Music Mate®



The Music Mate® LED Coaster Musical Audio and Lighting Entertainment System

The Music Mate® LED Coaster is for Home and Professional Audio Sound Lighting while enjoying musical entertainment. However music audio and sound alone are one dimensional. With The Music Mate® Coaster Entertainment System music becomes three dimensional with lighting and social entertainment.  With The Music Mate® LED Coaster, listening to your favorite songs will never be the same again, because you'll see the sound and feel the entertainment!


The Music Mate® LED Coaster Entertainment System by Playmate Enterprise™, is a set of  LED Coasters. The Music Mate® mini LED Coaster is made to fit almost any car sized cup holder. The Music Mate’s® unique design creates Entertainment through lighting from music audio and sounds,  lighting cups with favorite custom designs, names or logos like no other LED Coaster available today The Music Mate® LED Coaster lighting becomes a part of the music, audio, and sounds of the entertainment.


 The Music Mate® LED Coaster  creates a lighting show that goes in harmony with music audio sounds; lighting the High, Mid, and Low audio sounds of the music being enjoyed, making a lighting show that's perfect while enjoying a drink and musical entertainment. Enjoying favorite musical entertainment with The Music Mate® LED Coaster brings a three dimensional lighting effect amplifying the enjoyment from the musical audio and sounds.


 The Music Mate® LED Coaster is the only LED coaster in the world that creates this lighting affect. Whether in home  or outside with friends, The Music Mate® LED Coaster Entertainment system is the mate that takes  audio and lighting entertainment to the next level.
 The Music Mate® LED Coasters unique lighting effect is also great for live music entertainment events, birthday parties, weddings or any special event or occasion! The Music Mate’s® enclosure is engineered to be strong! Ready to support the weight of centerpieces and larger objects and with The Music Mate’s® super bright LED’s is without a doubt bright enough to be used with vases and punch bowls also.


The Music Mate® LED Coaster Entertainment System is the premier Home or Professional Audio lighting system for music entertainment! Time to Playmate! ™ 


*Currently under development for iOS*

Augmented Reality & The Music Mate®

Currently under development is an iOS application that will allow iOS AR applications and The Music Mate® to improve the AR expercience of the AR user by creating a simple to use connection between Reality and the user when constructing, using, and going between Augmented Reality Enviroments.

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